WOLF189, the photographer

Award winning, internationally published and exhibited Photographer, Creative Director, Marketing / Branding / Social Media Specialist & Experimental Filmmaker WOLF189, shoots fashion, editorial, commercial, portraiture, look books, food, PR & more in Las Vegas, L.A. & Park City among other cities.

Numerous photography and video works are part of various museums permanent collections including  the Kinsey Institute.

( Specialty in 35mm film photography & Polaroid with no major digital manipulations / enhancements.)

Creative director at FineFood, Chef Jason Kieffer, Andrea Becky Hanson, LetLive, New York Pizza, Ribs & Wings, Beaumont’s Southern Kitchen, Delectamentius among many others.

Education: BA in Mechanical Engineering (Design of solids) with minors in Mathematics & Physics. Degrees in Film Production, Finance & Business Management. 9 years working experience in finance world as stockbroker and currently holding corporate director of financial planning and analysis position.




“I have had the opportunity to view thousands of photographers work but have published relatively few and Wolf is one of them. Beautiful concepts and photography.”

Don Hellinger
President and Publisher of Nylon MagazineNylon Guys MagazineInked MagazineInked Girls Magazine and Freshly Inked.

“Wolf189 is a very talented and creative photographer, as well as a skilled book designer.” 
Catherine Johnson-Roehr
The Curator of the world-renowned collection of Art, Artifacts, and Photographs at the Kinsey Institute


“Wolf189 is a great photographer and I was privileged to be able to feature his work in one of my books. He was also a pleasure to work with.” 

Maxim Jakubowski
The editor of The Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography (UK , France, Germany, USA)
The crime reviewer for The Guardian & the literary director of London’s Crime Scene Festival


"Wolf189 owns many talents -  an innovative, sensitive photographer, branding manager and artistic design artist, internet and communication acumen, and more. However, the qualities that have been the most helpful to me are his amazing world view, personal philosophy and broad perspective. He has helped me realize and relate my true purpose, intention and talents to those that seek the help I offer in a way I have not been able t do until now." 

- Andrea Becky Hanson 

Amazon Best Selling author, speaker, researcher, yoga, meditation and energy therapist

"Words can not explain how grateful I have been to have known Wolf189 for the past 3 years. His photography, professionalism, and creative directing skills are priceless and I can't imagine working with anyone else."

- Chef Jason Kieffer

Celebrity holistic chef, wellness coach, musician


" Wolf189 understands like no other photographer of our time, how to capture the beauty of the women in an intensive way with a natural roughness, intimacy and simplicity in a sensuous atmosphere. "

- Electru Magazine ( Germany )


" I'm a little bit in love with Wolf189 and his beautiful photographs. In an age where so much is polished to impossible perfection, the rawness in his work is truly refreshing. We're lucky to have published him numerous times. "

- Katherine Villari, Editor of L'Allure des Mots


“Kurv Magazine has commissioned Wolf189 to photograph and produce a number of fashion editorials. Wolf189 has always produced evocative images on time and with a high level of creativity and professionalism. I would have no hesitation in recommending Wolf189.”

Nicholas Sage
Publisher and Editor in Chief of Kurv. Magazine ( Australia )


" Wolf189 is a wonderful photographer that seductively emulates his concepts through his work. With commercial work under his belt, he is able to dabble in the world of erotica by posing beautiful young women in different settings to portray the exotic and sexual undertones of their being. "

- Juxtapoz Magazine


Wolf's work is known for its simplistic beauty and unique artistic expression. As a photographer he likes to feel a connection with his subject finding that this allows a way of creating sensual and intimately candid shots. Wolf creates a space and flexibility that allows his model to express what she is truly feeling in the moment. The freedom that his models experience while working with Wolf is shown through variations of emotions and desires expressed in each shot. This very key to his work is what allows to viewer to feel as though they are part of something very personal, and raw. One may even speculate that it is as if the camera was invisible, or maybe even forgotten by the subject whom was lost in her own sense of being. "

- NUDE Magazine


" Wolf seems to have a talent for making his models so relaxed that their soul shines through. He is a leading light in candid erotica and I am a big fan of his work." 

- Pete Graham

Editor of Flush Magazine ( UK )


"Wolf189 pictures always create an intense atmosphere, a sensuous, playful world full of feminity and quicken your imagination and fantasy ."

- C-Heads Magazine ( Austria )


As a fashion designer I am extremely reliant upon the photographers I work with to capture the essence of my creations. The photographer must develop a rapport with the model, while recognizing that she is a vehicle by which the clothing she wears will speak to an audience. The photographer must pick up where the designer has left off and tell a story through the eye of his lens, never losing sight of the inspiration and exuberance that the designer has entrusted him with as he paints a visual masterpiece. When I collaborate with Wolf I have complete confidence that he will effortlessly deliver nothing short of stunning images that take on a life of their own. Through his keen sense of style and polished ability, Wolf has added exceptional value to my work. He has mastered the technique of complimenting that which I have created as well as adding another complex layer of beauty which is as unique as it is timeless. "

- Rebecca Ewards

Fashion Designer & Creator of the Poison Candy Fashion Brand


A photographer always offers a secret, voyeuristic thrill to the viewers of his or her artistic product, but aliased artist Wolf189 elevates the private, sensual moments of his models to extreme voyeuristic levels. The viewer often gets the feeling that not even the photographer was in the room. His skillful composition, framing and lighting capture naturally intimate images that reveal the sadness and desires we all hold inside."

- Sez G.  Eros Zine


"Wolf189 knows how to please a girl."

- Royal Cheese Magazine ( Russia )


WOLF189 captures the soul and the artist in me with his camera. The way he reveals a person and their relationship to the world and their environment is unique, insightful, and magical. Being a visual artist myself means I am picky about visual representation. He always exceeds any expectations. I'm happy to say I've had the privilege to work with WOLF189 on many occasions, and will continue to work with him in the future. " 

- Alexandria Lee - Artist


“Love working with Wolf! He’s so very talented and an awesome person to be around!”
Annie Funn
Fashion & Wardrobe Stylist

Wolf189 has provided several stories for 180 magazine and they are always a delight to publish. His work is highly recommended."
Kim Taylor
Editor of 180 magazine ( Canada )


” Wolf’s deep awe and appreciation for the beauty of women is shown as a constant through out his work. One only needs to look at the ease of the models to get an appreciation of the style of Wolf

- NUDE Magazine (spring 2008)


" Looking at the works of Wolf189 takes me to these places, these moments, the moments of seduction, the spread of a thigh, a sheet slipping off revealing more, the part of moist lips– the anticipation of more to come. Even Wolf’s more graphic shots are filled with a sexual subtlety. "

- Library Vixen


" Wolf189: "The portraits can be very exciting"

Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix and New York are the current "perfect area" for the adventurous photographer and experimental filmmaker Wolf189 , a man trying to understand the world around him through a job focuses not only on street photography and documentary, but also topics in which sensuous eroticism abounds. And that is to the artist, photography is a chance to discover new angles and ways of seeing life and the beauty that dwells in it. Thus his work fresh, quirky and far with taboos has become a delight for lovers of beautiful women represented in all its glory through the lens of this professional who certainly knows how to rescue & represent exotic sexuality regardless of the context. "

- Anormal Magazine ( Spain )


" Yes, We love Wolf189 "

- Cream Magazine ( Mexico )


" your pictures are very beautiful, [...] your pictures are just too beautiful."

- Uwe Jens Bermeitinger Art Director of TISSUE Magazine & NUDE PAPER (Germany )


" As the Editor in Chief of Gypsé Eyes magazine I’ve had the pleasure of working with photographer Wolf189 on several of our issues. Wolf’s work is always beautiful and unique, and we look forward to it’s arrival in our inbox each time! "

Tyler Lafreniere Editor in Chief of Gypsé Eyes Magazine


" I loved working with Mr. Wolf!! Learned so much from our shoot! I can't wait to shoot again! "

- Jamillette Gaxiola - Model


" I enjoyed working with Wolf, and even though our shoot wasn't planned at all, he was able to shoot about 5 looks in a short span of time , a very important factor for a designer/stylist like me. He has a very distinct style and he knows how to infuse humor even in his editorial fashion stories, which I enjoy a lot! Can't wait to work with him again! "

- Jeaune Roe - Stylist / Fashiom Designer


"There are photographers, and then there's Wolf189. He reveals a connection with the models he shoots that not every photographer can get, and yet is so important for making great photographs. What results is something raw, real, and beautiful. I'm a big fan."

- Sam Beasley - Editor of L'Allure des Mots